Pastor Darrel Cobbin Sr.

Pastor Darrel Cobbin Sr, is the founder and senior pastor of New Day Ministries International Life in Rosenberg, Texas. A kingdom minded visionary, leader and teacher of the word who speaks with clarity, the truths of God's word. He is a 2003 graduate of the Alpha Scgool of Ministry, ordained as pastor in 2009 under the well-known Bishop David D. Pittman, Chief Apostle of The Unity Alliance Apostolic Fellowship of Churches (UAAF), The Rock Ministries Int'l of Humble, Texas.


He has always had a passion in his heart to reach out to people especially the hurting and lost. He ministers through a God given tenacity of bring hope and healing from the word of God so that all things spiritually and naturally will become new. He is a mentor to other pastors and leaders who are seeking insight into church leadership. He has taught, trained and helped to develop other leaders who have become effective in discipling others. He oversees the church in all areas and is the Founder of D.L.S.T., (Developing Leaders Skilled & Trained), Men of Force men's ministry and Mission Outreach Evangelism are just a few of the many ministries that he has established.


The driving force in his ministry is to empower the body of Christ to evangelize the true word of God. He believes people can be reached and souls will be saved through the kingdom tool of evangelism. Having been taught by God through the continous study of God's word, he manifests all attributes and signs of an apostle, ministering in the power of God and not the wisdom of men. His fruits manifest the living God and his leadership exemplifies Christ's example. As one appointed to the office of the Apostle by the Holy Spirit, Apostle Darrel Cobbin Sr., wholeheartedly embraces the example placed before him by Jesus Christ, as well as the leadership and the guidance of the Holy spirit.. His apostolic ministry is identified by the spiritual authority given him as set forth in the book of 2 Corinthians 12:12 which says, truly the signs of an apostle were wrought among you all in patience, in signs, and womders, and mighty deeds.


He is an anointed pastor, preacher, teacher, leader, mentor and planter. As a servant of God one of his many future endeavors is to lead in planting a leadership school desinged to equip, build and train leaders in operating in the realm of the five-fold ministry for kingdom advancement. He is also embarking upon a degree in theology. Together with his wife, Prophetess Jacke G. Cobbin, they are the pioneers of New Day Ministries International Life. A thriving multi-cultural ministry in the city of Rosenberg, Texas. He is a devoted husband and father of five children and two grandchildren. Operating in the apostolic he is truly a man after God's own heart and is comitted to planting the Word of God in the hearts of people so they can "Walk in Victory" and "Rise In Faith". Ephesians 4:24 is the foundation in which he serves as the senior pastor of New Day Ministries Int'l Life, a place where anyone who desires a new day can "Come And Receive A New Day For The Rest Of Your Life". 
































Senior Pastor

will give you pastors; according to mine own heart, which shall feed you with wisdom and understanding.                               

          Jeremiah 3:15